Monday, October 5, 2015

Last Painted Warp

What a weekend out here!! We had a lot of rain but not nearly like South Carolina. Our mountains help protect us from a lot of the weather that comes through. This time the system had to go over the mountains to get here but if it's from the west, somehow the system often goes around us here. We needed the rain and it was a good excuse to stay in and work.

I've just finished my last painted warp. Each vest is different. The first one had weft very similar to the warp. There's a green in this one, in the warp, that's pretty bright. The buttons I found for it are just as bright, a yellow green! 
The second vest has much more blue. The way I painted it, half the warp had that bright green. The other half is mostly blues. So when cutting it for a vest, the front part has the green with the back much more subtle  color wise.
The last vest is more somber, greens and blues that tone it all down.
I'm not sure which vest I like the best. They're sitting on my work table waiting for me to sew the buttons on. Maybe by the time I'm done with that I'll know. Right now I really like all of them.
I have just one week left before I pack up for my next show. It'll be interesting to see which vest sells first!
I've got warp wound on the warping board. It's the next one on the loom, today, and probably the last one I'll have time for before the show. So much to do, so little time....
Until next week, keep weaving!


erin said...

Those colors remind me of the mountains. Beautiful!

Bonnie said...

Yes they are all beautiful. I think I like the middle on best, or maybe the first, hum, maybe the third. All are nice