Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Back To The Studio

  As quickly as Marie and Tina got the items checked off the list this morning, we carried them back upstairs to the shop.  Needless to say, there were fewer items to return to the sales floor!  We had really good sales at Homecoming!
  Marie got the checks written for the weavers that participated, and we started thinking about the Foothills show on the 3rd weekend of November.

  With that in mind, Jocelyn and Carol got back to work on their looms this morning.

  Harriet is winding off yarn for other warp....we've got to get busy!

  Sharon is back to work on the Ellen's Pattern placemats....they are a wonderful neutral pattern this is always a big seller.

  Carl went right back to work on another blue jean rug.  They are always popular.
  The Knoxville News Sentinel had a feature article on "Crafting New Skills" in the Sunday paper.  They had a video of Carl on the website:  Carl's Video

  Pat is making some placemats for her sister.....she likes her Fiesta dishes, too!!!  I think we did a great job of matching the colors she needs.  I hope she brings them for us to see before she sends them off!
   Yes, it's a busy place!  New ideas and future projects are bouncing around....so much to do to get ready for the next show!

  And, The Ladies just keep weaving!

Yes....it's nice to be back in the Studio!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Glad you had a good sales at the Homecoming.

textrix said...

Im a fan of Carl since I follow this page. Its nice to see him acting and hear his voice! Thank you for the link!
Greetings from Germany!

Theresa said...

You all never miss a beat either. So fun to see the happy faces back in the studio and congrats on the great sales!