Monday, October 12, 2015


I'm in a bit of a panic because this week I head to Asheville for a show. So I've been working all day on finishing pieces. I just now remembered that today is Monday! So here goes....

I have woven several shorter warps lately. These are the pieces I'm doing the handwork on.
This warp was the funkiest. The outside is black, fading to yellow with a real bright orange in the middle. DH thought these pieces looked like Halloween. Too bad the picture doesn't portray that.
The color looks the same but this warp goes from black to natural to shrimp. These look a lot more like what I usually weave.

I forgot to take a picture before cutting the fabric off the loom. So here the pieces are hanging to dry. The black goes to white and then turquoise.
The rest of today I'll spend crocheting edges on the sewn jackets, tops and vests.
Spending as much time as I did in Canada this summer meant less production time but I've made the most of the time I had. Hopefully I'll get them finished by the time the show opens. I'm watching old House Hunters International episodes and working away....
Until next week, keep weaving!!


erin said...

Stunning! BTW, the two first warps look different on my tablet. They appear just as you describe. Looks like you all had fun over the weekend!

Bonnie said...

Love them all. Nice colors. They will be a big success at the show. Have a great show.