Friday, October 9, 2015

Homecoming Day 2

Well, I should say that it is the first day of the Homecoming since yesterday was Heritage day when we were inundated with 27 school buses and 2 road coaches of kids!  It was just as Lou Ann described it yesterday!  Today was a very different day!

For starters, there were not nearly as many school buses today, I may have counted 5, but I forgot to keep track after that.  Also there were a lot more adult tourists there today, it was wonderful!  We met people from all over, and struck up many, many good conversations.  We swapped stories and tips from fellow demonstrators, some of which had long since retired but couldn't help but come to the events as spectators.  However,  one of the most significant changes was that we figured out how to keep the bell from ringing!!!!!!

Thursday morning booth

Karin on Thursday morning
Bonnie on my porch Thursday am

Friday booth crew

Friday Crowds!
Lou Ann and I took a couple more measures to insure that we had a more peaceful day.  We made sure we brought enough with us to drink so that we did not have to go somewhere to get some with all these crowds, and in that same vein, we each packed a lunch.  I must tell you that it worked so well, we plan to do the same thing tomorrow!

Well, the predicted rain storm hit as we were making our way home, and it was a good sized one with plenty of lightning and thunder, so it took us twice as long to make it home as it usually does!

We got to Lou Ann's house which is right over the ridge from mine, and we wondered if it was raining as hard  on my side of the ridge.  I told her I would let her know, but I thought it might interest you.   When I got home, you could tell that it had rained really hard, but it had slowed down so much, I didn't even need an umbrella to go out to the barn.

I can still hear the thunder rumbling in the distance, but I am sure that all of the Friday crew, Karin, Sharen and Linda,  Lou Ann and I, the demonstrators,  are home with our feet up and sipping some type of beverage.  Soon it will be time to make sure we have everything for tomorrow close at hand, cause I am meeting Lou Ann at her house, at 7:30 sharp for another fun day at the Museum of Appalachia.
Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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