Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You Just Had To Be There.....

  People never believe me when I tell them that looms sometimes just show up.  I always tell new weavers to let people know that they are now weaving...tell their friends how much they love weaving...and guess what....a loom just might magically appear!!!
  Look what rolled into the studio this afternoon!
  Yes....that's a Leclerc loom.  It used to be in one of the local church's basement....now it's in our studio!  And, it's in great condition!

Since it is in much better shape than the Cambridge Reed loom, the decision was made to store that one, and put the "new" Leclerc in that place.
  Go grab the toolbox!!!!!

***It should be noted that while we took that one apart, Karin was busy out in the Annex organizing and making room for the pieces.

We were all so glad to see Ms. Ila this morning.  She's doing much better (a little sore) but she came back ready to take over her loom.

Lanny dropped by long enough to use the fringe twister on his newest scarf.  He had a lot of errands on his to-do list for today!!!!

  Jocelyn needed to wind a new warp for her loom since she finished her placemats.  You can see them on the right on the table.  She had an unexpected surprise when she washed them...a little dye leakage....but it works for these placemats!!!!

   Earlier today, Margi and I helped Carl wind on the new warp for the old Barn Loom.  Carl got that tied on and he'll be ready to weave next week.

 There's always time to catch up with friends!  I don't have a clue what Linda and Betsy were chatting about, but they were having a lively conversation!
Ah, yes.....the LADIES!  What a happy group!  Note the fabric stacked on the table...while Karin was organizing out in the Annex, she and Tina came across some lovely flannel and wool pieces that will look great in Carl's rug warp.  Stay tuned..........

Charlotte got the rag cutter set up this afternoon to cut up the sheet from dye day.  (Carol uses a sheet to mop up left over dye, and then we can use it in rag weaving!  Win-win!!!!)

  I bet you think we just eat a lot at weaving, and you might be right!!!!  Sharon brought in some homemade pumpkin spice cupcakes today....YUM!!!!!

And, Tina had some leftover pastries from her women's group that she shared with us!  Sharon H. brought candy corn, too.

No diets today!!!!

I guess you just had to be there..........
Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

And go gosh I sure do wish I was there! That plaid flannel is going to be brilliant for rugs. I can hardly wait to see them. Carl, get weaving!!!