Friday, September 18, 2015

Is That You Mojo?

It all started with the decision to pass along a Leclerc floor loom that  I had been given several years ago.  I had recently attached 50 yards of warp to the project that was remaining on the loom, but it really did not have to go on that loom at all.  I wove to a convenient stopping spot and cut off the 6 plain weave variegated napkins that were done.  The napkins were put aside on a different loom, the Burchard loom, as I put in the lease sticks and pulled the warp back through the reed and heddles, it will hang from the trapeze I have mounted on the wall until I am ready to load it onto the 8 harness Binder loom.  I dusted the Leclerc and got it ready to move on, probably next week.

With one project off the looms, I turned to the 6 harness Sears Hearthside loom, (yep another one!!  I only have one more loom to sell before I will be at my goal of only 2 floor looms in the studio!)  I had beamed a short run of textured placemats several months ago, hoping to use up all of my red 8/4 that loses a lot of dye in the first wash.  I used 2 different reds, one in the warp and the other in the weft.  My hope is that these will be reversible!  I had not woven even one of these, as I was tinkering with the loom a little bit, but, with one loom empty, I was all of a sudden ready to tackle another loaded loom!

It is amazing how much weaving I can get done if I will just get started!  You can see the 8 placemats on top of the 6 napkins, to the right.

At the same time, I began weaving on my blue jean placemats once again.  Wednesday, I cut 6 placemats off of the Binder loom, and I had to then, re-beam the warp from the warp weighted system I had been trying out, back to the looms warp beam.  The weighted warp was a good idea in theory, but in actuality  there seemed to be some pressure on odd parts of the loom that made me uneasy to continue with it.  I also had to stop and cut more blue jean strips before I could weave the 6 placemats, that I am confident are left on this warp.

 Once while, when I was taking a break, I  pulled out one of the "Weave it" looms that I have in my possession.  (While I was at the store the other day, I found a really long needle that I lacked in order to use these little beauties.)  I  grabbed some variegated lace weight yarn that has been bouncing around the studio, looking for the right project, and I read the instructions.  Before I knew it, I had finished 2 of them!

I think we may have finally hit the right yarn with the right project!

The fall shows are coming fast, and I need to cut some more blue jean strips.  My goal is to have the weaving done on these last 6 placemats by next week.  Then I will do the finishing on all the above items and do a quick inventory, to get an idea of what else I may be able to add in a very short time.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

The red on red placemats are outstanding. Great way to use those cones of thread!!!!

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

ALL are absolutely beautiful..... you are amazingly talented....