Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rugs! Rugs! And More Rugs!

  Carl knew he was getting near the end of his warp...he told me that two weeks ago!  Last week he declared that we would be cutting off his warp this week, and he was right!

  As soon as we finished lunch this afternoon, Carl, Tina, Carol and I went back to help with the roll of rugs that would be coming off of the blue wool warp.

  With the wooden spacer in place and Carol holding the beater back as far as she could, Carl made the cut across the warp.  Then, we started rolling up the rugs that were wound on the cloth beam.

The first four were rolled across the floor in the studio.  These were all blue jean rugs.  Tina and I got them cut apart pretty quickly.

Then we rolled out the next four rugs.  There was a lot of oooh...ahhhhh when the blue wool rug was revealed!  That fabric made such a beautiful rug....folks were coming up to just touch it!!!

 The last two rugs were cut apart and then we began tying the fringes.  This gave some of our newer weavers a chance to help out....and learn how to do this necessary job! 

  Many hands make short work!!!

Pat got busy this morning before it got too busy and wound the new warp for Carl's loom on the warping mill.   I guess we know what Carl will be doing next week!!!!

  Also on the agenda this morning was sorting the carpet warp (8/4) order.  Shirley made a side trip to Northwestern while she was "Up North."  Thank you, Shirley!!!

  Frieda brought her kumihimo loom....she knew she could get some advice from Tina!!!  And Sharon was able to get some help from Jocelyn on this older style rigid heddle loom.  She was up and running before the end of the day!

Sharon is still working on the Leclerc's warp.  These neutral placemats are always in demand.


  It's all in a day's work!  Of course, there's always the next project to be thinking about....and pulling material for, right?

  And, I heard Carol say that she was going to get those rugs tagged and upstairs before she left today!
Rugs!  Rugs!  And more rugs!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I just love stopping by every Weds morning to see what you've all been up to on Tuesday. Beautiful rugs!