Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rainy Day Blues??? Not Here!

  Just look at all that color!  They even match their warps!

  Yes, the Ladies were spot on at their looms today!

***Get well wishes go out to Ms. Ila...you are missed in the line-up!

 There's another warp going on Jocelyn's loom.   Marie manned the crank while Harriet and Jocelyn kept the threads in line.

After lunch, Marie got the chance to weave on the napkin warp.  She brought her end feed shuttle to see if that helped to keep the selvedge nice and smooth.
  Carl cut his blue jean strips and got busy on a new rug.  You can see those fabrics behind him that will be rugs before too long!

  Roz helped me work on straw looms this morning.  We should have enough made to get us through Homecoming next week!

  Betsy is working on another wool rug. 

Sharon wanted to finish up the special order for the "Ellen's Pattern" placemats.
In fact, she was able to cut off more than she needed that were finished and ready to be hemmed.  The extras can go upstairs.

  By the way.....Harriet went with the pink bamboo for her scarf warp.  It looks great with the painted warp!

  Carol is just taking care of business:  tagging the placemats for upstairs (and Homecoming!)  Somebody has to do it!!!!

  Tina thinks she has three more rows to finish on the coverlet.  It is so easy to hit the wrong treadle!!!

We did something new today after lunch:  we went around and told about what is on our looms at home!  It was a lively discussion!
  What do you do with a troublesome warp????

Happy Weaving!

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Bonnie said...

Ok. Why are all the shelves covered with sheets or whatever. Maybe I missed the blog on that?
If the font gets any smaller on this site, I am going to have to use a magnifying glass to read it.
Miss Ila get better.
Happy weaving.