Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello And Happy Birthday!

The Tuesday Weavers want to send a big ole HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting out to our weaving friend, Bonnie M.  Although she is way up in Kentucky, we still think about her often, and want her to have a fantastic day!
  And, we send a big HELLO out to Ms. Ila!  We miss you, and can't wait for you to be able to join us again!!!!

Meanwhile, back in the Studio, Sharon brought her mom, Deborah, to weaving with her today.  Now her mom knows what she does every Tuesday!

  Today was a day of working with machines that are not looms!  Jocelyn got her placemats wet finished and the hems were turned up....all ready for sewing.

  Carol got to use the little Featherweight Singer for the hems.

   Molly brought her serger in for some help....we took turns on this!!!!  This was truly the serger from H E double hockey sticks!!!!  But, she finally got it working.

  Carol and Lanny were so intent on their looms today! 

Darlene was getting close to the end of the throw on Big Bertha.

She got it cut off after lunch! 

Isn't that great?

Betsy found some more wool thread in the Annex  for the next rug.

She also brought her gamp she wove using the different twills in the Davison book.

 Carl was sitting at the back of the loom threading today.  He even got most of this tied on the bar by the end of the day.  We should get it wound on next Tuesday.

  Karin is weaving a leash for her new puppy...LOVE the colors!

  The Ladies keep the back row rockin'!

Christy brought her skein of hand dyed yarn to wind off.....just don't ask her about the big tangle!

And, speaking of hand dyed yarn....which one would be best for this scarf warp????
  You might have to sample......
  Stay tuned to next week when we find out which one she will use.

That's it for this week....another great day with the Tuesday Weavers!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

You don't know how I miss you guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie! Now inquiring minds want to know what kind of a puppy will get that beautiful woven leash! The throw is beautiful and I think we are all agreed....sergers are often possessed by demons.