Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What a Beautiful Day!

 Yesterday was fine, and I wanted to be outside in the garden, but the neighbors were putting on a new roof, and it was far too noisy in the back yard!  Today, they're still working on it, but I couldn't stay inside one more minute.  I pruned and pulled old things up and pruned some more.  I chatted with the landlady of the house next door, and met my two new neighbors, the tenants.
  Bella kept guard all day, just sitting on the grass and quietly watching everyone.  Leo escaped from time to time, but didn't like all the activity, so he stayed close to home.
  I noticed the buds on the roses, the tiny buds on the hydrangeas, some struggling radicchio pushing up from the muck in the garden.  The day was warm and moist and breezy, but promising to turn back into rain tonight.
I did manage to get the jacket I started last week finished, after a couple of mistakes.  The patch pockets it had last week just didn't look right. I took them off and replaced them with inserted welt pockets.  I liked them much better.  Then, I tried it on, and the sleeves were 6 inches too long.  Now, how did that happen?  I cut the cuffs and 3 inches of the sleeves off, and make the cuffs over.  I put a placket in the back, with a piece of elastic in it to make the back not quite so boxy, and put some fancy buttons down the front that I'd bought at Mood Fabrics, that amazing store they use on Project Runway.  If you don't follow their blog or get their sale emails, and you love to sew, you should sign up soon.  It's worth it.
  It's been a lovely weekend for me, and now, going back to work doesn't seem so awful.  There are storms coming, but I can't believe there will be much more snow in our future.  At least, the plants in my garden don't believe it.  I hope they're right!
  Happy sewing, gardening, weaving and whatever else you to make you happy!


Bonnie said...

The jacket looks very nice. It will look great on you.

LA said...

My Lenten Rose have not started blooming yet!!! Maybe in the next few days??? I really like what you did with your jacket...that's a great fix.