Monday, February 10, 2014

Back Home!

I finally made it back home Thursday evening about 10pm, only 4 hours later than scheduled! Just 7 hours in Chicago! I think the main reason for the delays were the snow going through last Wednesday. I'm just thankful to have made it home safely.

So, now that I'm back, it's time to finish projects. So, I have begun finishing the curtains. They were washed before I left, so I just need to iron, measure, measure, pin, remeasure, then sew the hem and casings.
This is the back.

Below is the front, the way they will look hung up in the cabins.
I hope to finish the curtains quickly so I can get going on my loom. It's warped, waiting to be threaded and woven off.
It was so good to be with family for 2 weeks and I look forward to heading back up in a few months. 
For now, it's time to get to work and get weaving!
Until next week, stay warm and safe, especially with the predicted snow this week!


LA said...

Those curtains are just perfect for the cabins on LaConte! Great job! Now....back to regular weaving.

Tina J said...

Those Curtains certainly came out wonderful!

Bonnie said...

Glad that you made it home safe and sound. The curtains will look great.