Monday, February 24, 2014

Pass It On

On Saturday, Margi and I were at Smart Toys and Books teaching straw weaving. What a blast!  The class at 11 am had 12 students from ages 5 to 10 and parent/ grandparent. After Margi talked about weaving and showed them all cotton, even letting them take some and try to twist it to make thread, we pulled out the kits and they went to work.
I brought along one of our little looms to show how they worked. I think some of the parents would have loved it if I had brought a pup and let them weave on it...
Having parents there made it really nice. We were able to assist and the parents learned how to do it as well. We gave good instructions on how to continue after they got home.
One grandparent that was there is thinking of retiring. She used to weave....and is thinking of joining us on Tuesdays, 
The Smart Toys folks were really good to us, even feeding us lunch during the short break before the other students came at 12:30. This time there were only 2 but, again, they were intrigued. The picture of the 2 is actually at the top of this page. I'm not sure how this iPad decides to set the pictures on the page..
Thanks to Margi for taking the lead on this project. They want us to come back in a few months to do it again. A good time was had by all!
This week I have to get my rugs woven. 
It's going to be a busy one!
Until next week, keep weaving!

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Roxie said...

Straw weaving?? I thought it was a plaiting done with wheat stems. Now I see that you use drinking straws. Ah ha! fun!