Monday, February 17, 2014

It snowed!

Last Thursday we woke to snow! Of course they canceled school already on Wednesday because we were supposed to start getting snow early afternoon already. The snow did start to come down about 1pm but it didn't stick until early evening. Then it kept coming! For East Tennessee it was a phenomenon. I don't think we'd have this much snow since the blizzard of 1994 when it was cold and the snow didn't melt for a week.
This snow was great for snowmen. However, we don't have little kids anymore so we just stayed in and enjoyed the view!
 To think that in a couple of months those bushes will be full of white blossoms!
 I caught the trees just before the snow started falling off. It was so gorgeous to see white all around us.
 Someone's got to tell this poor tree that it's not in Florida. Actually DH is a bit worried about it. We've had this one since it was very small, probably since the late 90s. It's always been fine but this year we had alot of very cold nights already so it's not happy. We'll see in spring if it made it!
 DH went out to measure how much snow was on the railing. If you look closely, you'll see that he has placed Walmart bags on his feet, tied the handles so they would stay on and headed off across the snow. He didn't feel like heading downstairs to find his boots. We got a full 6 inches!
 The snow started melting Thursday already. By Friday the roads were fine and most everything was back to normal. We did have a bit of a surprise. Sunday morning we woke to an inch of snow again but it was melted very quickly as the morning warmed up. This week we're supposed to have a fair amount of rain. Thank goodness the temperature will be nice, up to maybe even 70! What a difference a day or two makes!!

So what am I doing? I've been working on sewing baby quilts. I don't have pictures yet but hope to next week. Also, before I left for Canada I put on a warp for rugs. I do need to get them off the loom so that's the project this week. I've dug out all the loopers I have and will be chaining and weaving til they're done!
Oh yeah, I have to iron those curtains one more time and get them ready to deliver. I won't run out of things to do, that's for sure!
Until next week, stay dry and keep weaving!

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Tina J said...

All those bright color keep us going this time of year!