Monday, February 3, 2014

It's warm inside!

This past week I was at my sister's house in Moose Jaw. With a week without my loom, I was able to finally finish knitting that scarf. It's gorgeous, soft angora and silk. However, I have not changed my mind about knitting. I just don't enjoy it. Unless I win another skein of hand dyed, yummy yarn, I am staying away from those needles!

My main job this week was to make a baby quilt for my niece. She's not due tul August but I wanted to make her a blanket to use wherever she wanted. I bought 11 fat quarters of 30s reproduction fabrics plus a few pieces of yardage and figured out a pattern to showcase the fabrics. A friend quilted this one on her long arm machine. This is the one I gave my niece.

I had enough fabric to make another one. It is different. I machine quilted it myself. It'll stay here til I come back in summer. This trip I am traveling very lightly, not checking a suitcase.
Here they are side by side. 
I do have some more fabric. I can just squeak out another one with a bit of added fabric but I'll take it home to sew. 
I am here part of this week yet so will see what else we can do before I leave.
Once home, it's back to the loom. 
Until next week, keep weaving and stay warm!

I had downloaded this picture but it disappeared so here it is again. My sister made this quilt while I was here. This is a close up of the full quilt. Each square is 2 inches square. She had a system to do it and it went together nicely. It is wonderful!


Bonnie said...

Very nice. You have lots to stay busy.

Pat Byrd said...

All are just simply beautiful and I know you are proud,

Roxie said...

You are an inspiration! My friend and I make pieced and tied comforters for charity. That's a great pattern to use up the odd bits!