Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here's To The New Year!

  What a great way to end the old year.....being with good friends!  We are missing a few of our regulars, but 21 of us gathered to weave together and have lunch at the Museum of Appalachia. 

  And, just like most family gatherings, the conversation was lively! 

  At the Center, we had a lot going on before we even went to lunch. 
  Ann rescued a mini-blind from the trash....one of our favorites for winding on a warp.  These are wider than the usual mini-blinds, which will be nice for heavier warps.
  Thank you, Ann!

  Maggie was busy hemming the napkins that she wove.....oh, those little tiny stitches!
  (She's wearing the sweater her Mom knit for her....it's so soft!  Hi there, Joyce!)

  Tina and Allan were busy checking out the extra pieces that had been stored together.  She was sure she could get one whole rigid heddle loom from all of that.

(Pat started the day by cleaning up a table loom that was donated to our group.  You just never know what you'll find around the studio!)

There was a lot of catching up, too.  We hadn't seen each other for TWO whole weeks!  That's a lot to talk about!

Some of us even got some weaving done while we were on holiday!
  Marie put a huck lace warp on her loom an wove these throws!  She used 8/4 and you can just imagine how soft they are!

  Carl is almost the end of the blue rug warp.  It won't take him long to finish the last rug.  I guess we'll be tying fringes next week.

Betsy spent some time in the Annex getting more of the light blue weft she's using for her walker bags.  It's a little chilly to be working out there!  And, Linda got more woven on the blue jean rug on her loom.

  Marie got lots of help to wind on her new towel warp.  It sure makes it go much smoother when you have help!!!

 Next week we'll have our Holiday Potluck lunch, and exchange presents. 

Happy Weaving & Happy New Year!



Theresa said...

Happy New Years to one of my favorite bloggers, all of you!

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Leave it to Farmer Linda to hang out with the cow!

Karen and Steve
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