Sunday, December 29, 2013

Where are They Now?

Liz and Dee in their new finery.  How did I match their new coats?
The gifts I so carefully made for each person I care about and boxed up and sent far away have reached their destination.  I asked the folks now enjoying them to send me pictures so I could show you.  And here they are!

Matt wrapped up for the cold.
Now it's time to play in the loominaria, with no specific goal in mind.  I've pulled out lots of stashed yarns, and lots of back issues of Handwoven magazines.  I'm making plans and trying new things.  The looms are new clean slates, because that's what the new year is for. 

Mom's table set for company.

Have a wonderful new year, everyone!



Theresa said...

They are obviously bringing joy and love nation wide! Beautiful gifts.
Happy New Year to All!

LA said...

Your Mom looks like she's ready for a big family dinner! I'm glad everything arrived safely.