Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time to Relax and Enjoy

With only two more projects to finish, and Tuesday afternoon as their deadline, I can finally relax and enjoy the holidays!  I still have that deceleration feeling, like when you get off the interstate going 75 and suddenly have to go 30, still finding other possible presents, other possible projects I could start.  But I am really, truly done with gifting for the next few months and can now work on whatever I want to make. 
  The dyed warp is coming to an end, and is about to be cut off, ends twisted, washed and blocked for one final Christmas gift.  I've loved this pattern, and the warp as well, with it's fading in and out, its intense colors.  It was a gift given and returned and has now found its purpose.  As much as I've enjoyed it, two new warps are vying for my attention to be next.  I think I'll adapt this lace pattern into a border for a wider warp, shawls, with either a vibrant orange-red or the more subtle gold-purple.  I have the perfect weft for the gold-purple, but keep being drawn to the orange-red.  Could be the gloomy outlook in the weather.

This black bamboo warp is going very fast during the second scarf, and the next scarf will have more color in the weft.  The manly gray weft served its purpose, but I'm ready for some contrast.  The simplicity of the three-shaft Huck lace has been fun, but I'm beginning to be bored with it.  I think I'm ready to put Tootsie's five other shafts to the test, now that I've fixed the brake problem and some other issues she's had. 
  The Colonial has languished long enough, too.  I've promised myself to get through that pile of fleece that needs to be cut into strips and become shag rugs in the next few weeks.

 Knitting has slowed down a bit, too, and I've recently become smitten with cowls.  I knitted a lovely lace one in some gray alpaca yarn for a gift, and wanted one of my own.  I just happened to have a ball of cream colored alpaca that will do just fine.  It's soft and yummy to knit, and I know I'll wear it a lot this winter.
  Happy Solstice to you, and I wish you all the Merriest Christmas!


LA said...

Lots of weaving going on at your place! Lookin' good!!!

Tina J said...

What! Black huck lace! I do hope we will get a chance to see it in person! I bet it will really be beautiful to see and a have a wonderful drape.