Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Countdown Continues

  I didn't write a lot about our day at weaving on Tuesday's was a mad dash to get home and get ready for the potluck dinner at the Museum of Appalachia.  Tina and I were invited as volunteers, and it was very well attended.  There were three stations set up with all kinds of yummy, homemade dishes that were just too tempting to turn down!  After dinner, there was a lively "Swap and Steal" present exchange.  For a $10 limit, there were some very creative gifts to choose from!

  Now....back to our day at the Center!
It was a great day for visitors:  Jocelyn's friend, Trulene, came along to see what all the excitement was about!  (Do you ever catch your non-weaver friends getting glassy eyed when you launch into a discussion about twills and block weaves and overshot?  And, don't even mention your problem with e.p.i.!!!!  We do have our own language, don't we!)

  We also had some visitors from upstairs that came down to see what was going on in the studio.  They seemed especially interested in Pat's loom bench, which slides from side to side.  On Big Bertha, that bench is a life-saver!!!

  Lots of weaving was taking place all over the studio in every little nook and cranny. 

  Betsy, Linda and Linda were weaving up a storm....a lovely sight for visitors to see when they come down the steps!

  Share Time after lunch showcased some wonderful projects done by our weavers.
  Julia has been busy weaving scarves at home.....sooooooo soft!

  Tina took the "arm knitting" challenge, and knit a scarf using fabric strips. 
  Are you surprised?

  Linda had a challenge too!  Her friend wanted some placemats woven using the colors in the Columbian flag.  This was a warp faced weave that fit the bill exactly!!!

  We sure have some remarkable weavers!!!!

  I'll leave you with my favorite group picture:  just say "hi" to Cindy!!!!

Merry Christmas......

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Maggie said...

What a great post! Merry Christmas, all you rowdy Tuesday Weavers!