Monday, December 9, 2013

2 out of 3 ain't bad!!

I've been weaving placemats this past week. Somehow I don't have as much time to weave as I'd like but I have woven 19 of them and hope to finish the warp in the next day or two. I think there are about 4 more left on the warp. These placemats are so simple. The interest is in the way it's threaded through the reed. Otherwise, it's just plain weave with hemstitching at each end. They make great wedding gifts. I know we're going to be invited to a couple of wedding this next year and I need to get the placemats done before I'm in a huge rush so this time of year is great for that. They are kind of boring to do but fairly quick so fairly easy to do!
 I'd also planned to begin weaving the handtowel warp I put on the loom months ago, probably in spring! It's been sitting there, silently waiting, patiently, while I wove production. So yesterday a friend was talking about the Christmas party we're going to later this month. We do this white elephant gift exchange. You know, there are funky gifts, but once in awhile you need something good so when I can, I give away a handtowel. She was really hoping I'd have one this year...kind of hinted loudly that it would be nice. In a white elephant exchange, it's ok to "steal" a gift someone else got that you like. I think it can be "stolen" 3 times and then whoever gets it that last time gets to keep it. I know she's hoping I"ll get these off the loom, washed, finished and one gift wrapped for the party.
 I like weaving waffle weave. You can tie up the treadles so that you just walk up and down the row, watching the pattern develop as you go. Of course, washing them makes them nice and fluffy.
The colors are kind of muted but would look nice in a kitchen!
So, the third project? That other placemat warp on the other Nilus. It's wound on but not threaded. That'll be the next project once I get the handtowels off the loom. By next week it needs to be threaded so I can just sit down and weave some of them when I have time. I'm not doing production for awhile so weaving things like placemats and handtowels hit the spot!
Today, here in Knoxville, it's a rainy, yucky kind of day. We're thrilled that we're below the snow and ice line so it's just an inconvenience to be sure to drive carefully on the wet roads. Otherwise, it's a great day to stay in and get some weaving time in. Or, maybe I need a break soon and spend some time with a cup of hot chocolate and a book?? nap anyone?

Until next week, keep weaving!!


LA said...

You are getting caught up on your placemat stash!!! This gray weather is great for weaving!

Bonnie said...

Placemats and towels always fun to weave. I can't wait to get back to weaving.