Thursday, December 5, 2013


(I am posting for Lou Ann today, cause her computer is sick, so she will probably post tomorrow.)

I recently got back into the country from a long assignment overseas.  It was a mentally and physically taxing assignment, and I am really thankful to have made it home before Thanksgiving.  :)
Since I have been home, and recovering from it all, I have been doing little things that make me happy.  Like sleeping, and eating my favorite foods, and taking more showers and baths than I thought possible!  I haven't made it upstairs to the weaving studio yet, but I have done a little spinning on my Kromski Minstrel.

Lou Ann and I decided that since she needed to go up to the Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge to make purchases for an upcoming holiday, we would make a day of it!  We thought that we could fit in a trip to the Smoky Mountain Spinnery (more about that in future posts) and several antique stores in the area.

On one of our stops, we found several spinning wheels of a particular type, that I has long been on my short list of the wheels I one day want to have in my herd.  the Canadian Production Wheel, or CPW for short.  I even got to try spinning on a couple of the wheels, and before you know it, one of them came home with me!

I am so pleased with her, she is a stamped Frederic Bordua, made sometime between 1880 and the early 1900's.  These wheels were made to produce yarn for weavers.  They to it thin and they do it fast!  Last night I was able to do a small sample skein of some shetland I had close by. I am envisioning some lacy woven shawls made with miles of this yarn!  This wheel is really fun to spin on once she warms up, she has after all, been sitting idle for a very long time!

One of her quirks it that her maidens that hold the flyer, are not the same!  Finally, here is a shot of her nestled in at home, before I even dusted her off.  That drive wheel dwarfs the Kromski Minstrel beside it! 

My short list of the wheels I would like to own is getting very short indeed!  I am in negotiations with a fellow spinner to purchase her antique double flyer wheel, it might make it here before that upcoming Holiday.  So, all that leaves on my short list it an itty bitty antique wheel that I can take apart and fit in a bag to take to the Museum of Appalachia this Spring.   I will have to keep my eyes open!

Until next time, Happy Spinning and Weaving, Tina


Maggie said...

I had to read this post twice to make sure I understood that this wasn't the wheel you showed me the video of on Tuesday, but actually another wheel! You are spinning out of control, Miss!

Anonymous said...

i like such spinning-wheels..wounderful thanks wiebke

Bonnie said...

A great find.