Monday, July 3, 2017

We Came, We Dyed, We Left!

Last Thursday and Friday we had dye days at the center. I almost forgot to take any pictures but near the end of the day, I did snap a few.
There were about 5 of us each day but the only person I snapped was Sharon. She was having a blast working on a Tuesday Weaver project Thursday and then on Friday dyed for herself. Her project was inspired by a garden she saw on her morning walk with her dog. Of course, this picture is of the skein she dyed for TW.
I had a bunch of small pieces of fabric that I'd cut and serged after a project that resulted in a few seconds. So I ended up soaking them in a small bowl. It was kind of fussy but it worked. The next day I brought a set of mixing bowls to dye the fabrics in.
Rolling them up into small ovals, none of them took up much space. I'm almost finished rinsing them this afternoon.
We'll see how the projects turn out! 
When we are busy doing projects like this, I seem to not think about taking pictures even though my iPad was right there!!

Tomorrow is July 4. Often on holidays, we weavers meet anyway because none of us watch sports and we need our TW fixes!! However, we decided not to meet tomorrow because July 4 is family time. I've already celebrated because Saturday was July 1, Canada Day. Canada is much younger than the US but 150 years old is still a milestone!! Tomorrow we'll all be celebrating Independence for the USA. As a transplant, I'm proud of both of my countries.  

Until next week, I hope you find time to weave because I will be sidetracked with other responsibilities and my poor loom will remain empty.


LA said...

Looks like Sharon was having a blast!!! Can't wait to hear about your new mystery project.

Theresa said...

You certainly conquered! What fun.