Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Warp Off....Warp On!

  As promised, Carl got busy sleying his new warp on the barn loom.  


  This afternoon, he was half way through threading the heddles.  That means that he will finish threading next week, and we'll wind on the new warp.
  Won't that red warp look great with the blue jeans!!!!

 Betsy got some advice from Carol and Pat concerning the tie-up and treadling for a new project.  
  On the table, you can see the re-weave rug ready for pickup!  And, those are some of Carl's card inserts that are ready to be mounted.
   There's always news to catch up on, and weaving to discuss.  Liz is looking for a floor loom.....she's ready to start her home studio.  (Should we tell her that this is just the beginning???)

  Vacation time has a smaller crew at work, but, still a lot of weaving!

Happy Weaving!

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