Thursday, July 20, 2017

Anderson County Fair

  We all know that Carl is a WINNER, but this just proves our point!

  He had three BLUE ribbons:  his tapestry, the Christmas card, and his table runner.

  His scarf and blue jean rug both received RED ribbons.  (Personally, I think his rug should have gotten the blue ribbon!!!!)

My scarf and placemat received BLUE ribbons!
(This scarf is my Aurora Borealis scarf that I painted.)
  The placemat is a huck variation.
 My other entries did not receive any ribbons.

 No visit to the Fair is complete without a corn dog, which I totally enjoyed.  (When I was growing up, we called them "dip dogs.")
  Marie will be at the Fair on Saturday.  She is demonstrating weaving on her rigid heddle loom!

Now, back to projects here at home!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I knew we had some winners in our midst! Congratulations to you both!

Linda Long said...

Congratulations. Great job!