Thursday, July 6, 2017

Getting Ready For The Fair

  It's getting close!
  The Anderson County Fair is July 16-22, and Carl and I have been talking about woven items that we could enter this year.  Last year, the only woven items were the ones that I entered, and I would love to see more woven items on display!
  Today I went over to Carl's apartment with my serger to cut apart and serge the edges of his card inserts.  Carl likes to send his special cards during the year to his family and friends.  This batch of inserts will be his Christmas cards this year!

  I didn't count, but I think Carl has plenty of cards for the upcoming holiday season.  Plus, he has some designs he can use for other occasions.
  Carl is going to enter two of his cards in the fair:  a Christmas card, and a Spring card.

  Carl just finished a one man show of some of his tapestry pieces.  These are the ones that hang in the hall outside his apartment.  He'll be sending one of his pieces to the fair, too!

   This is his latest tapestry piece.  He's working on the hemstitching on the piece before it is cut off the loom.  Each of his pieces have a special meaning for him.

  Needless to say, there are more woven items that will be going to the fair!  We went through and selected a placemat, table runner and scarf to enter, also!  He's going to be tough competition!!!!

  Now, I have to finish up MY pieces for the fair!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Wow, those are some amazing tapestries! I didn't know Carl was a tapestry weaver too. Good luck to all at the fair, ours is coming up PDQ too.

Tina J said...

This year you have some competition, and of the best kind, what fun!

Linda Long said...

Good luck at the fair. Can't wait to see the winning ribbons.
Linda L