Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Guild Fair

Summer guild fair is in the books! This year the Southern Highland Craft Fair was only 3 days long. The big controversy is whether we should continue at 3days or go back to 4. Four days is a very long time but having the extra day for sales can be beneficial. 
I had a good show.
Taking pictures with my iPad probably isn't the smartest thing to do but when the lights are dimmed, it's the best I can do.
My booth is a mixture of cotton and bamboo. The drapey pieces are bamboo and the others are cotton. A fair number of these pieces found new homes over the weekend.
This picture below doesn't show the beautiful caribe of the top on the left or the royal blue on the right but you get the idea of display.
A rack of jackets just waiting to tempt people.
Black and red. The jacket on the right is predominantly black, the one on the right predominantly red. Both of them plus the purse on the left found new homes.
Black, grey and white jackets look stunning on the right person. It's got a new home, too. She looked awesome with this jacket on.
My summers are very hectic. After the convention in Nashville for a week, then the guild fair this weekend, I have to shift gears again and quickly get things packed away til the show in October. That's because I leave Wednesday for my annual trip north to visit my sister. DH will be home taking care of the cats and collecting all the treasures they find in my studio and bring up the stairs. Those cats are a mess. He keeps saying he's going to get a camera to see which one it is. I suspect Belle is the one. Thursday morning when I was coming down the steps to the studio, there was a lb cone of yarn on the third step. Those cats managed to get it off the cutting table to the floor and carried it up three steps. No telling what they'll do next! Good thing they also catch mice. DH can take care of those, too!
No weaving for me the next month but I hope you have time to throw your shuttle a time or two!
Until next time, keep weaving!

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LA said...

I'm glad the show went well! Now you'll be shifting gears from weaving to quilting!!! I know your sister will have several projects waiting for you!