Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What's Up?

Last week, Carl cut his warp off the barn loom.  There were five blue jean rugs.  As promised, a new warp was wound today for the barn loom.  The first rug will be a re-do for a customer--her favorite blue jean rug was destroyed by her dog!  We washed the rug and cut off the old warp.  The blue jean weft was wound up for the new rug.  Carl started sleying the warp after lunch.  I'm betting that we'll wind it on next week after he gets it threaded.

The three scarves the were cut off of Lanny's loom got their fringes twisted this morning.  Notice that Lanny uses a heavy notebook to weigh them down.

  Meanwhile, Dickie is under Betsy's loom (while she is out of town) to fix the treadle.  I love it that he brings his favorite tools when he brings Connie to weaving!!!!  (BTW, I gave Dickie a project to work on this week:  he is going to put a dimmer switch on that winding station in the picture with Lanny.  He is also going to see about getting a longer spindle for it!)

  Tina, Marie and Linda held down the back row today.  Marie is weaving butterflies while Tina is trying to thread (when we aren't talking to her!)  Linda was working on another placemat on the black warp.
  On the right, you can see that the orange weft is working well with the shawl warp.  Jocelyn is pleased with the way it is going.

   Sharon's warp is threaded, tied on and ready to go--at least as soon as she gets the treadles tied up!!!
  Meanwhile, Bonnie is threading her towel warp on the new 8H Baby Wolf.  She tried the new "tractor stool" to get her down to eye level--and it worked!!!

Frieda finished the green scarf with the black weft, so it's time to start the next one!  She pulled this skein of dyed yarn from the box, and round and round it went!!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing it with that warp!
  Ray just kept on weaving on the placemat warp....just how many yards did Pat put on this loom?????

  Carol brought her quilt top that she blogged about yesterday.  I'm so glad we got to see it up close!!!  What a cheerful quilt!
(You can see the warping mill on the right with Carl's warp all wound up!)

Enjoy your week!
Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Love to see the new BW in use. I have to say. My only ding of the smaller Schacht looms is that the breast beam and beater are not more easily removable. I changed out the bolts to have the knobs like the back beam and dropped the beater on the floor like a Mac. I'm finding it easier. I wish I had kept the warping wedge from the Gilmore Gem some days...