Saturday, March 18, 2017

Inch by Inch

I have woven a piece of cloth in 8/4 cotton for which I have plans, these plans require a woven band. I am using the same 8/4 cotton on this band and while I can't replicate the fabric, I hope that this pattern goes well with it.

It is a very simple pattern with a chain in the middle surrounded by small stripes.

It is plain weave, no fuss and fairly quick to weave.  I am using my spare minutes, which are few, weaving this one.

As the band progresses, the width has changed a bit, getting a bit narrower, and each time it does, I like it even better.  I put enough yardage on the loom to account for this.  I am fairly new to Inkle weaving, I have done maybe a dozen bands over the last few years.  My interests comes and goes, so my level of expertise does not match the number of years I have known about band weaving.

I think that it is safe to say that if I would concentrate on any one thing for more than a nano second,  I could really improve my skills.  LouAnn and I were talking about that yesterday while we drove to Berea, KY .  We were taking the spinning wheel we picked up in Asheville a month or so ago, to make its next connection on the "Antique Wheel Railroad".  It is making it's way to the far west coast, this next leg is taking it all the way to Chicago, where it will hitch a ride west.

Anyway we talked a little about having too many irons in the fire and therefore not getting anything done!  On top of all the things I like to do in the Studio, I also have a very full family life, many of you can relate.  I have decided that I am not going to beat myself up over all this, and that I am going to live in the moment, whatever that may be.  Do I have the kids for the day, or night?  Embrace them, and do not fret about the rest.  Do I have an day in the Studio?  Live it, love it, try to do the project that is speaking to me that day.  Do I have a spare moment or two?  Have a wheel set up within easy reach or a band loom project within sight for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

I am not a production weaver by any means, though along with the Tuesday Weavers, I do participate in two fall shows every year.  I do need to have something to put into the booth, but I need it to be a joy and not drag to my spirit.  Maybe I am spring cleaning the  winter cobwebs out of my mind, but I keep coming back to it, for me, right now, "each project needs to be a joy and not a drag".

 I should make it a plaque for my doorway that I can jump up and high five on my way into the Studio.  How about you?

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

You can add to that with "learn a little something new along the way." I really like it that we're always up to learn new things...and free enough to say, "That's not for me."

Sharon said...

What LouAnn said. I just have no interest in inklie weaving. My mother used to say that she'd leave that bone on her plate for someone else to chew on, which is what I'm doing, but your band is fantastic - I admire your persistence. And boy, do I understand what you mean about full lives. I too have a weekly volunteer-in-the- studio shift. My mother used to say - if you want something to get get done, ask a busy person to do it. I suspect that's because "busy people" manage their time well.