Monday, March 27, 2017


I know I promised pictures of rugs last week but I don't have any. I do have 4 rugs pinned, ready for the hem to be sewn but haven't seen them yet. I've woven more so the pile is increasing.
There are two reasons why I haven't hemmed rugs yet. 
First, last Tuesday evening we had a storm. We've been having a lot of rain on Tuesdays lately. So when they said rain, I figured, yawn, just some more rain. Nothing to worry about. That is until about 7:30 when we got a gully washer that included a ton of hail. This time we didn't get the damage that huge balls of ice bring. Nope, this time it was tons and tons of bigger than pea sized hail. My studio is our renovated garage. The driveway comes down to the doorway. We have several areas that divert the rain off the driveway and down the hill. However, the drain in front of the studio that goes all the way across the space became covered with hail and couldn't drain. Yes, we got water in the studio. That whole evening was a matter of rescuing stuff. Moving things out of the way, mopping up water, etc meant no weaving the next day. Couldn't get to my loom! It all gave me a chance to rethink some storage options and we're about back to normal but this time boxes are on 1 x 4 s so we shouldn't have problems if we get hail like this again. DH had gone out during the worst of it and raked the hail off the grate into piles. A lot of leaves and branches that came down were in that mix. I noticed 2 mornings later that there was still some hail in the pile, not melted yet although we had nice warm weather.  Our weather is so weird. Some people not far from us didn't get any hail. Some didn't even notice that it had rained. However, this was our turn to get hit by the downpour.
The other reason I haven't been hemming rugs is because I had been working on a quilt top in my spare time. It was all over the area I would be sewing rug hems. Rugs usually have a lot of lint on them so you want to keep nice fabric away from them. I made the decision to finish this quilt top before hemming rugs.
We tried to hang it off the railing of our upstairs deck. The wind and sun didn't like that much!
So I took another picture in the kitchen. It's a very busy quilt but I like the modernness of it. I'll have a friend in Canada quilt it on her long arm when I go up in summer. I'll get a good picture of it when it's quilted!
So this week I will be busy in the studio with hemming rugs and weaving some more. We have a friend in Paris who had a baby on Saturday. I only recently found out she was pregnant. It's a boy! I have fabric, a pattern and enthusiasm....but first, these rugs are going to get done!! I want to deliver the first batch later this week.  I need the space they're taking up!!
Until next week, keep weaving!


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WOW! We got rain, but no hail, here on the Ridge. It does make you rethink how your fiber is stored, eh? That quilt is amazing!!!