Monday, March 20, 2017

Piling Up

I've been working the last few weeks as much as my schedule has allowed. All the loopers have been cleaned, selvedges rolled into balls and several warps woven.
However, they're not ready to show.
None of them have been hemmed yet.
This is the pile of more neutral rugs. You can see the serged hems sitting there, just waiting for me to pin and hem them.
The darker ones are on another pile, waiting as well.
They're going to be so nice! As I rolled them off the cloth beam, it was fun to see the total effect of the color combinations. This week I'm going to get another warp on the loom and weave if off. I'll also be hemming the ones already done. 
These rugs are pretty heavy. I can only weave four, five sometimes, at a time before I need to cut them off, retire the warp on and keep going. It's not hard to do, just slow and not the best on the muscles.
I'm trying to weave all my selvedges that I have so I can put some other things in those tubs. I'm on my way to getting it done. A few more weeks, especially with interruptions, and they'll be all woven. That doesn't mean that I won't have more weft for rugs. It just means that that part of it will be done!
I've got some very cool plaid flannel just waiting to be cut for rugs. They will be nice and soft on the feet!
So, it's back down to the studio and winding a neutral warp for the loom!
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...

All those colors are so nice, I haven't done rugs with selvedges yet!

LA said...

I guess this means you'll need more selvedges when you travel north this summer!!!! LOL