Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi Day With The Tuesday Weavers

  Where else would you want to be on Pi Day?
  Yes...I know this is a cake....Ms. Ila bakes the best, after all!
While the northeast battles winter storm Stella, we were all cozy at the Center for our weekly get-together.  Outside we had low gray clouds and itsy-bitsy spit balls of snow....but, you would never have known it in the studio.

  Now.....back to Pi Day.....as all weavers are aware, math plays a big part in our weaving.  Our new weavers are becoming familiar with E.P.I., and how to figure sett for the reed you are using.

  And, we had several big discussions going on about different weave structures.
  Linda is interested in doing some Liturgical weaving, and we pulled some resources for her to look at.  Betsy wove a stole for a family member, so she shared the information that she had.
  Tina isn't happy with the weave structure on that hot pink shawl....she is looking at some different patterns....and learning to use her new iWeaveIt program.

 Christy, Sharon and I started deconstructing the jeans from the rummage sale.  Sharon and Christy like to use the rotary cutters and mats.  I had my new spring action scissors!  We got half of the jeans worked up....we'll work on the rest of them next week.  Then we can get the panels joined and ready to cut on the rag cutter.

  Carl wove a set of butterflies to use as inserts in cards.  Carol got all of the panels in their cards and ready to go upstairs.

 Lanny finished his scarf warp:  three luxurious silk/wool scarves ready to be wet finished!  He's going on vacation next week....lucky him!!!

    Carl is rather hemmed in at the old barn loom.  We have some folks on "spring break" here, so some looms are still parked in the walkway.  He's working on the last rug on this warp.

Frieda and Joan were with us, just working away on their scarves.

   I think that Bonnie is missing Shirley......she left her loom folded up today while she visited with her weaving friends.
  Ms. Ila is working on her colorful shawl.

  This is the second shawl on Jocelyn's loom.  She was sampling some wefts for this one.  It's a little tricky since you don't want to obscure the beautiful pattern in the warp.  Stay tuned ......

NO...Betsy and Tina are not behind bars!!!
  They were helping Marie set up the table in the shop for the "Porch Sale."
  Polly and Marie got us all in gear to move the props for our spring sale.  The potters set up on the porch, while the other items in the sale stay inside.  The black grid is great for displaying the hanging pieces.

   I almost forgot to share this one with you!!!  This picture perfect moment shows Tina, Linda and Dickie working on the hooves of Linda's little fiber goat!!!!  Since you can't touch...I can assure you that this little goat is a pleasure to feel!  So soft........

Stay warm.....enjoy your PI.

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

LOL, how can you not like Pi day and that cake looks yummy. Recipe Ms.Ila? :-)

Professor Randolph said...

Thanks for this post. Looks like a fun day. Miss you all. Sharon