Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sunny March Thursday

   I asked them to light the fire in the Peter's cabin...but, when I got to the cabin, the thrum of a banjo was coming from inside.  Rather than disturbing the musicians inside, I plopped down on the steps of the Loom House.
  The Museum was hosting some travel writers today, and I volunteered to weave while they were there.  I ended up taking my wee Inkle loom instead on the box loom.  I had a warp that needed weaving off, and today fit the bill.  Besides, it fits right inside my totebag!!!

I've been reading my new book at night before bed.  There is so much information, and I was able to use some of it today as I talked to the visitors about the bands that I'm weaving.
  I had the best time sitting on those steps and weaving and talking!  At first I thought it might be too chilly, but the building blocked the breeze that was blowing, and I had my fingerless gloves that Tina knit for me.  The sun felt really nice.
  And, I reminded folks that when they come back after it warms up, I'll be weaving on that lovely old rocker beater loom!!!

  This is how my saucer magnolia looks today.  Yes, it did get "bit" on Sunday morning, and it has a brownish look to the blossoms.  If you look under the tree, you can see lots and lots of pinkish petals.
   They're calling for snow flurries in the mountains tonight.
  It's March in East Tennessee....anything could happen!!!

I'm looking forward to my reading time much to learn!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I just got my copy of that same book and I am having a good time reading it too! I love your wee inkle and I love spring in East TN, it keeps you guessing!