Monday, February 13, 2017


Oops, I almost forgot that today was Monday!
I've been so busy today, I'm only now settling down to think! 
This morning I wove on a solid black warp. It's nothing exciting, just black but I have an order for a solid black top so I hope to get it woven and off the loom this week. Last week I wove a black warp with a center accent. It's going to make a few nice pieces to sell. I've serged the raw edges but need to check each piece before I wash the sections.
After I got the curtains woven but before I got busy on all this black weaving, I was working on a quilt. This is just part of it. Right now it's 65 inches square but by the time it's done, it'll be 92 or so. I'm not sure when I'll be back sewing on it, but I know how it's going to work. This quilt was a case of, I have 2 charm packs, a jelly roll and a few yardage pieces. How can I make it work. It has a modern look to it but I've had the fabric for several years. It kept telling me to get going and sew on it. Actually I have several projects in line that keep speaking to me...
Sometimes the cats come and hang out with me in the studio for the day. They don't like the sound of the loom but they stay nearby. Belle loves to get on my cutting table and then stick her face in mine. She's a mess! She'll flop down on my shoe, too, if I'm standing there cutting fabrics.
Meg actually looked up at me when I called her. That's unusual. They do patrol my studio which is partly in our closed in garage and, basically is the whole basement. They are my guards!
So for awhile they were both on the cutting table....
Belle is darker than Meg. Meg was about to jump down from there. 
Thursday and Friday we are having dye day at the center. We've been winding warps and skeins , getting ready for this on Tuesdays. I've been doing the same at home, getting my things ready. Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures of what we're doing and who's helping. It is a lot of fun, chatting and adding color to bamboo!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

It's so nice to have help in the studio!!!

Tina J said...

That quilt is a work of art! I can't even imagine the hours it took to get to this point!