Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On A Roll

Hey!  Remember last week when Bonnie and Ms. Ila were joking around about how long that shawl warp was?????

  So.....did all that kidding around cause a little tangle party?

Never fear!  Ms. Ila will tame the tangle and get it all on the loom.
  Stay tuned!!!!

Yes....that's Tina in the background trying to make a decision on the threading for the pink shawl warp.  And, she'll have to decide what color to use for the pattern weft. 
  Molly finished re-threading and tying on the towel warp.  She had some problem solving to do in the back...a couple of threads had gotten twisted it seems.
  Betsy finished another rug, so she'll be ready to start another one next week...probably the last rug on this warp.

  With Dye Day coming closer, more warps need to be wound.  Ray got several warps of bamboo wound.
  Jocelyn was busy with the swift and ball winder getting her weft ready for the shawl warp on her loom.

  Carol was kept busy overseeing all the activity.  Lanny is getting ready to make a JagerSpun order.  Yum!

  Alyce got her warp wound on her loom, so now it's time to thread.  She's on her way!!!

  Liz wound a scarf warp using some novelty yarn.  That will be fun to weave.
  Shirley is working on one of her blue twill scarves.

  We were so happy that Linda could join us today.  She's not weaving just yet (she can only lift one pound.)  We could carry her rigid heddle inside for her!!!
  Anna is already working on the little trees on her pin loom.  They were a hit at the Foothills Show last November.

  After cutting more strips of blue jeans for weft, Carl got busy on another rug.

Joan and Frieda stayed on task ....even with all the activity around the studio!!!

Bonnie finished the other scarf, and the new one is using black weft.  Lovely!!!

  Take a look at Pat's tote bag.  She used up some woven panels that she had from a previous project.  She still has a lot of warp left on the loom, so she switched to a plain weave for this set of placemats. 

  Yes, I'm back on a loom.  This is the "Ellen's Pattern" placemat using five strands of natural with the white warp.  These are great for gifts!  It's just plain weave.....just back and forth.

It's always lively in the Studio.  Join us, if you can, on any given Tuesday. 

We're on a roll!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I forgot to look and see how Pat's new color choice looks on that blue warp! I heard that it looks like a sunset!

Theresa said...

All so pretty. What yarn is being used for the natural and cream placemat warp? It is elegant!