Monday, February 20, 2017

Dye Day

Thursday and Friday we dyed yarns! Every so often we schedule a dye weekend at the center. This time it took awhile to get going because someone had organized the back wall storage and we had to find everything. Then the decision was made to organize the dye colors . Yes, we have a fair amount as a group but they still decided we need to order a couple of new colors next time someone orders from Prochem! 
Getting ready to get going! Guess who forgot her apron and used a garbage bag instead...
Risers certainly help our backs when we work! I think Polly was getting into the mixing of dye. She became the guru of color for the day.
Ray had a warp he wanted to weave mats on. After that he got busy replacing the toilet in the restroom. They had bought a handicap one and it took him the rest of the day and half of Friday to get it done! Thank you!! The center relies on volunteer help. I don't think he thought that when he retired this time and came back to weave that he'd be doing that but we're thrilled that he did!!
Polly and Anna had a plan for this warp. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Frieda and Joan worked hard on this warp as well. I think both the warps were for shawls.
Then Friday. I had an appointment so got there just before lunch to see everyone working hard on projects. Ila brought her two daughters. They were dyeing silk scarves. Ila kept everyone hopping.
Lunch break!
With everyone working together, we were done dyeing and cleaned up before 3!
Polly had something for each of us. A rubber chicken that "lays" an egg!! It's a key chain that wouldn't last as that but it's the funniest thing! We each got one. Mine is on our Christmas tree...lit makes me smile and think of her each time I glance up at the tree. Yes, it's still up. We've had it up for at least 3 years now. Not sure how long we'll keep it up but it isn't in the way and is cheerful so it stays for now.
Today I keep rinsing the pieces I dyed. It's tedious but necessary.
Tomorrow I'll wind another warp and get going on weaving again.
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

WOW! Looks like you all got a lot done!

Tina J said...

Good job girls, I'm looking forward to seeing the warps and skeins you transformed!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Lots of work accomplished, just one piece in the process.
I've always wanted to visit the Appalachian Craft Center, such talented people and artists. Look forward to seeing your next step.