Monday, February 6, 2017

Just Barely

So they're done! I've spent the last month weaving curtains. Thankfully, I am now done. This warp, though gave me fits. I was positive that I would have extra to maybe play with after I was done with the required number of panels. Well, not so much! This is the back coming off the warp beam. Couldn't have advanced it any further.
The front was awfully close to the heddles as well. I switched to a smaller shuttle to make it work. I did not have to resort to a needle threaded with the warp to go through the shed, but it was close!
The pattern the you see is for the valances they wanted this time. Had to weave them for 4 windows.
The first batch of curtains had been for 45 inch curtains. These mostly were for 60 inch panels. The pattern near the bottom of the fabric had 2 sections and worked well together.
The top part was a hit different.
So I have them all washed, ironed and the casings and hems are done. This morning I will press them once more and then pack  them to deliver. It's good to have them done. This is the last year I'm doing them because I've now replaced all the curtains that I wove years ago! Remember, these curtains are for a lodge in the mountains that you can only reach by hiking up the mountain and then hiking back the next day. They are a bit rustic but that's what's so great about them. They fit in with the whole ambience of the place. The red is a nice bit of cheerful color when it's dreary and raining up there. A caretaker lives up there in winter and I hope he finds the red cheerful when it's cold and snowing up there!
I need to figure out what to weave next and what warps to wind. Should be an interesting day, for sure! Time to make some notes to myself
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...

Beautiful! I love it when I am happy with a project once it it complete, I'm glad it went well!

Linda said...

They re so pretty!

Maggie said...

You know, I noticed that the curtains in the Keith House at John C. Campbell are also handwoven with a red border, very similar to these!