Friday, February 17, 2017

On the Wheel Railroad

It was a beautiful for an adventure.  I had gotten the "call" about a month ago from the "Antiques Wheel Group"  on Ravelry, about a wheel that needed to get from the east coast all the way to the west coast, and could I play a part in this country wide wheel railroad?

 I was pleased to say that I would be happy to meet "Janice" a fellow Raveler at (Alan Dewey) "Bobbin Boy's" workshop and home  in Asheville TN.  I agreed  to pick up and foster the wheel, a Jenkins "Tina", at my home and I will keep her until the next leg of the trip is planned.

LouAnn came along for the ride as she often does during these trips, and I was happy to have the company.  We chatted   all the way from Knoxville about all the ways to weave small bands, we talked about Inkle looms and band looms, and I told  LouAnn about a very different band loom  called a Leksand loom.   I had only seen one picture, and I was able to find nothing else about it.

We pulled up to the workshop and met Alan, Milissa, and  Janice who had already arrived with the wheel.

While I was outside with Alan discussing the wheel I was picking up and talking to him about some work I would like to have done for one of my small looms at home, LouAnn and Milissa were inside the workshop discovering that they already knew each other from a Facebook weaving group!

We were still talking outside, when LouAnn came out to tell me that Milissa had a band loom inside.   I made my way inside to the workshop to find the very band loom that I had been talking about during our trip!  I got to try it out and everything!

Here is a close up of the working area of the Leksand band loom.  This loom has the bar that the heddled warp thread go over, like a normal Inkle loom has, but it also has the spools that the Glimakra band loom has, so that you can do really long warps.

It would take some practice for me to get good selvedges, but I found as I spent a few more minutes at the loom that I was already learning how much to beat with the "weaving knife" that you can see in my right hand to get the band the way I like it.

Alan and Milissa have a wonderful house workshop full of looms and wheels and coverlets and clock reels and squirrel cage swifts, I felt immediately at home.  I know that this will not be my last visit to their house.

A parting shot of the cutest Hungarian wheel that is not even knee high, this wheel would have been perfect for spinning flax into Linen.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

It was a beautiful day for a drive to Asheville! What an adventure meeting everyone....and I had just seen her post on Facebook about the coverlet!!!

Theresa said...

How fun! That little band loom reminds me of the Glimakra band loom with its sideways orientation. Love the Hungarian wheel. I'm a sucker for old painted things of any stripe. It's a good thing there isn't a loom railroad....