Friday, August 26, 2016


If you saw Tuesdays post, you could see that I only got 2 scarves done.  I had number 3 on the loom, but I got distracted.  I got distracted by a spinning project.

 I had discovered that I could spin fat singles yarn thanks to the Roving to Scarf competition at the Anderson County Fair.  I decided to see if I could do it again, and if I could, what sort of 2 ply yarn would I get.

I had taken the roving and split it down the middle.  One half of the roving I divided again down the middle, to that makes 2 pieces.  The second half of the roving, I split into 8 even pieces.  That way one ply would have long color repeats and the second  ply would have short color repeats.

Here you can see that the middle of the center pull ball has longer color repeats than the outside of the ball.

I plied this yarn, and I was so curious, I went between loving the color combos to not loving them and then back again to loving them.  I really wouldn't know until I had washed the skein, how it would turn out.

I realize that this pic is fuzzy, but I do love it!  This is the softest yarn I have ever made, it is BFL and silk.  I normally spin ridiculously fine yarn and have to use 3 or 4  plies to get a fingering sized yarn.  This one is a 2 ply and it is probably sport weight.

I got a better picture of the skein which will probably be for sale during the Fall Shows we participate in, unless I find a pattern I think would do it justice.

I went thru my stash as soon as I could and chose my next colored braid to experiment with.   This time it is something that is more within my personal favorites.

I split this braid down the length in 8 sections.  I have a beautiful tonal gray braid that I will spin for the second ply.

Never fear, between the two spinning projects, I finished the third scarf.   I love silk and wool together!  I ended up weaving half as much in the center of the scarf than I did on the edges.  (or something like that anyway!)  I did an extra 2  short pics on the border of the scarf, then went all the way across to the other side and repeated.

I am so pleased with how it turned out!  I haven't put  on any more scarves for the moment, but the shows are coming ever closer.

I am also eyeing a stack of handwoven fabric that I made to use in a sewn project, I can't get my nerve up to cut it!  Silly I know, but there you have it!  Maybe this weekend while Dear One is out of town,  I will set up the little sewing machine and look at it while I spin my new skein of yarn!  Just maybe that will do it!

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina


LA said...

BFL and silk....yum!!!! Sometimes you need to spend some time doing a little something different and fun.

Theresa said...

How yummy is all that, beautiful yarn. I wish I had some of that right now while I knit mukluks in bulky yarns!