Monday, August 15, 2016

Celebration Starts!

Every year that I'm up in Canada visiting my sister, we go fabric shopping. Each year I'm looking for some fabric that's distinctively Canadian. Usually there isn't any. Prices here are higher than in the US as well, so I often don't buy any.
This year is different. 
Next year Canada turns 150 so the celebration is starting early. We found some wonderful fabrics and I have plans for them!
The last couple of years Stonehenge had some fabrics with Canadian motifs and I had bought some fat quarters, not sure what to do. Adding these fabrics gives me more options. The kit was just charming. I need as much Canada in my life as I can, especially in my studio, so here are fabrics for that.
Then I found the mother lode of fabrics! I love the vintage posters from the Rockies, CN, etc. Now they've taken all the major cities in Canada and printed pictures of them.
They've captures the essence of the cities.
My sister lives near Regina which is surrounded by fields of grain.

I love the pictures for each city. I've been to most of them. I have 3 to go. Road trip? That would be fun because they're all on the east coast.
I am going to make a quilt using the blocks. I'm not sure what other fabrics I'll use to make it but I have my backing. I love the batiks with maple leaves all over them.
The last weeks have been family centered. My aunt drove down from Edmonton and we helped her with a few design issues and helped her find fabrics. Then last week my sister and I took a road trip up to Lloydmonster to see her daughter and family. There's a 9 month old little cutie that needed my attention as well!
So now we're back in Moose Jaw and turning our attention to the quilts we hoped to work on. We'll see how much we get done!
Until next week, keep weaving! I'll be back at that in a couple of weeks!

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LA said...

I can almost see the quilt you're going to make!!! Those panels are great!!!