Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meet The Weavers - Part 2

  Would you believe that Betsy drives over 160 miles each Tuesday just to be with us at the Center????
  Meet our fellow weaver, Betsy...she comes to us each week from Greenville, TN.  She saw Pat weaving on the Wolf Pup at the Foothills Fall Show in 2012, and after talking to her and Carol, joined us in 2013.  Weaving was always something Betsy had wanted to try, but life kept getting in the way.
  You know....career, husband, two children and four grandchildren!!!
  Betsy is originally from Danvers, MA.  In fact, she grew up in the Congressional Church where the young girls went that initiated the Salem witch trials.  She went off to Michigan State University to study nutritional therapy.  (Did I get that right, Betsy???)  After meeting her husband, his job brought them south to lovely East Tennessee.

She has two floor looms at home, as well as a Cricket rigid heddle loom, and an Inkle loom.  Her oldest granddaughter has already received her first rigid heddle loom to weave on, as the tradition continues.
  Betsy is really enjoying weaving rugs right now, along with scarves on her Cricket.  Her favorite weaving resource is the Dixon book.  But, she's been eyeing Tom Knisely's baby blanket book for her next purchase.
  Betsy came up with the woven "walker bags" after seeing similar cloth bags at the Assisted Living Home where her mother lives. 
  Besides weaving, Betsy also knits, and she is very involved in several activities in her church.

  Jocelyn also started weaving in 2013.  She was already an accomplished artist, and this was just her next step in color and texture.  A Campbell County native, Jocelyn spear heads the Louie Bluie Music and Art Festival at Cove Lake Park every September.    (Needless to say, this is her busy time getting all the final details firmly in place!!!)
  Jocelyn lived the majority of her adult life in Jacksonville, FL, until Hurricane Floyd convinced her husband it was time to come back to East Tennessee.  She built a home on her great-grandfather's farm, and has her own cabin art studio.
  She just finished a bamboo scarf, and she has just a little left on her first tapestry project.  At home, she has an eight shaft table loom, and her "Harley Davidson" (Harrisville Design) loom.  She thinks that a Navajo loom might be in her future, too.


   Just think....her daughter started all this by leaving two looms with her Mom!  Jocelyn stored them in the barn, then got to thinking that maybe she should use them!   While she cleaned the big loom, she found out just how it worked, which comes in very handy from time to time!
  Right now, she doesn't have one favorite thing to weave...she says she is still learning.  But, if she could only have one book, it would have to be Davison.

  By the way, her favorite quote is:
"You will be remembered only for your passions."

  The Tuesday Weavers are sending lots of Happy Birthday wishes to Carol....we hope your day was super special!!!

  Darlene finished her black bamboo warp at home, and brought the shawls to show us.  Great work, Darlene!

 Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Thanks for the interviews Lou Ann, I learn something new every time.

Theresa said...

I know Danvers and Salem and Beverly very well. Great place to be except around Halloween. I'm with Jocelyn, the Davison book never ceases to inspire me.
Happy Birthday Carol!