Thursday, August 11, 2016

Not Built For Speed

****First of all....a little correction!  The church that Betsy grew up in was the Congregational Church!  You know...the one associated with the Pilgrims and Puritans.  Auto correct was no help on this one!

  Just in case you didn't already know, I'm an Olympic junkie.  Winter...Summer....I love them both.  Now, I don't watch every event, but, I do enjoy a lot of them.  After all, it's not like I'm going to get to see an equestrian event (the Derby does NOT count) or a rugby match.  I fenced in college (not competitive) and I grew up swimming, also not competitive.  Let's just say that it's too bad that rowing wasn't one of the sports where I went to school....I could have been a contender, I think!!!!
  So....I'm blaming the Olympics and my own nature preserve for my lack of weaving progress.  Mamma deer parked the fawns in the front yard again...this time right out the front door.  They were so much fun to watch.  And, our little herd have been coming to the back fence for their  snack of corn every day.  The buck was with the two does earlier this week....that's only the third time I have seen him.

  THIS is what is left of my okra plants.  Now, what animal eats the leaves and not the okra???  Groundhogs!!!
  Oh, yes!  They also eat the leaves on the tomato plants, and even take a giant bite out of the tomatoes when the mood strikes.  And, they destroyed the corn that the squirrels planted as well as the broccoli. 
  This afternoon, I walked up on one of them...about three feet away...and she acted like I was invisible.  No fear!!!  I'm not going to push my luck....those are sharp teeth!  Let's just say that they are very healthy groundhogs!

  I did get some yarn pulled for a scarf.  I haven't decided if it's going on the rigid heddle or one of the Pups.  I was thinking of a man's scarf, but one that would a lady might like, also.  Maybe that will be done by next week..(wink, wink!)

  Tina and I will be at the Museum on Saturday morning.  There will be some Girl Scouts visiting from Texas.  I need to finish a few more placemats on the Rocker Loom, and get those cut off the loom.  I'm just hoping the heat wave breaks before we go!!!  It's been so hot and humid here that it's not fun being outside unless you're in the water.
  And, speaking of that, it's back to Phelps in the pool!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Wildlife is equal parts frustration and beauty. Myself, I'm happy the deer seemed to have moved on to other places. My garden is happy too. And yet, I would be a much poorer person if they weren't there, all of them. I haven't seen a groundhog in years. Not many of them here, but I use to be fascinated watching the one at our house in Vermont. I could sit on the front porch and have a commanding view of a beautiful green field, deer grazing and groundhogs snuffling along, fox, coyote, and on occasion a black bear in the distance. Have fun at the museum with Tina.

Tina J said...

You have more deer in the city than we do out here in the "countryside", they surely are beautiful! I think a masculine scarf will really fill in a gap that we have at the show, I can't wait to see it.