Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Hat Are You Wearing?

  I didn't get a whole bunch of pictures today....we were really busy.  Also, we didn't do a whole bunch of weaving today.  I think you'll see why.

  Lanny brought his serger in today to see if we could get it to do a better job serging between the towels that he wove.  It just needed to be rethreaded and the tension adjusted.  Then he was off and running.

  You would need a hard hat in this area....the rocker beater loom was disassembled and the pieces were marked.  It is going to be stored for a while.  We needed the space for the 36" Leclerc, which will be more versatile for our use.

  Now....here's our Drill Sergeant.  Marie kept everything organized and moving forward.

  She also had us cleaning as we went.  As looms were moved, that area got vacuumed.  (You know how much lint is under a loom!)

  After Big Bertha slid into the Rocker Beater loom space, the Leclerc was placed in that spot.  Ray and Linda had on their Mover hats!

  Meanwhile, in the Potter's room we had bunch of weavers with their Thinking Caps on!!!  This is Carol's Weaving 2.0 class.  Basically, once you have started weaving, what's the next step?  They are working on reading drafts and making a draw down. 
  I see intense concentration!!!!

Carl figured out that the best thing to do was to stay out of everyone's way and just weave a rug!  Good plan!!!  (Actually, he was really happy to see all the organizing and cleaning in that corner of the Studio!!!)

Eiko was with us long enough this morning to finish the warp on her Wolf Pup.  It was a 4 scarf warp.

  All the hard work paid off:  reeds have been sorted and stored.  Sticks and lease sticks have been put in containers.  And, all the shuttles have been sorted and stored.  We only have a blue million stick shuttles!!!!!

And, back to the reason we are all here:  the love of weaving!  Frieda just started a few weeks ago, and she brought her finished pieces in to share today.
  She has a Happy hat on today!

Happy Weaving!


Marie Clingan said...

What a day this was. Very happy with all of the work that was done. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard today.
PS: I went home and vacuumed my house. Once inspired it is easier to keep going.

Theresa said...

Oh la la, some fancy hats going on and of. The studio is looking good and well vacuumed no doubt!