Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Full House

  It was one of those days I know California wishes they could have:  RAINY!  As always, inside the Studio it was full of energy and positive vibes.    Weaving....learning about weaving.....wishes for more time to weave.....you know what I mean!
  Last week, Theresa over at Run-A-Muck wanted to know just how many looms we have in the Studio.  Great question....not an easy answer.

Let's start with the Table Looms.  We have 13 table looms that are used for beginning weaving.  We also warp up a few for Kid's Camp in the summer....that's always a favorite with the campers!  While you are learning to weave, the students can take their table loom home to thread or weave. 


  Carol gets them started with their threading after they get the warp wound on, and then checks back with them as they progress OR if they have any questions.

  We also have an 8 shaft Schacht table loom that can be checked out (which it is right now!) 

    Roughly two-thirds of the floor space in the Studio is taken up with floor looms, such as this Norwood.  Darlene cut off the last of the black warp today.  There were 13 place mats and 2 runners on the cloth beam.  That means that next week, we will be putting another long warp back on this loom for more place mats!  It has a sectional beam.
  In addition to this loom, there are:
2 Macombers
60" Leclerc
45" Leclerc
36" Leclerc (counter balance)
Studio loom (rugs)
Cambridge loom (rugs/place mats)
the Rocker Beater loom
the Barn loom
  We are getting another 45" Leclerc donated to the Tuesday Weavers, and it will go in the space where the Rocker Beater is now.  Linda is going to take the Rocker Beater loom to her Studio for some TLC, which is over due!!!!

Sharon is cleaning up the 36" Harrisville that was just donated to the TW.  It will be loaned out to one of our new weavers to tide them over until they can get their own loom.  (There are two other Harrisville looms checked out right now, also.)
  You can see Shirley weaving on one of the 5 Wolf Pups we have.  (One of them belongs to Carol, but it likes to be with its litter mates!) 
  We also have a Baby Wolf and a Mighty Wolf.  These Schacht looms fold up at the end of the day, and slide into the aisles between the looms.

  So....help me out Marie....let's do the math:
10 floor looms (that stay put!)
7    looms that fold up
13  table looms

That would be 30 looms!!!!!
(and then a bunch that can be checked out!)

  That's a lot of looms in a small space!  Yes.....we are happy campers!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Happy campers indeed.

Theresa said...

Weaving and loom Mecca!

Sharon said...

How wonderful that you have an equipment library that checks out. Our guild is slowly building one so we can loan looms to new weavers while they shop for their own.