Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Don't LOOK!!!!

Oh, NOooooooo.......MORE YARN!  Quick, Bonnie, don't look!!!!!

YES....pretty yarn from Dorothy's estate!   There was a lot of 8/2, also, which we will use here in the Studio.

  It's so much fun going through the stash to find just the right yarn for a future project. 

  Darlene finished the warp on the Norwood, so it was time to wind on another one.  What a great learning opportunity for some of our newer weavers.  Tina got the tension box threaded and they wound on an 80 yard warp.
  We can look forward to lots of great place mats in the future!

   Sharon finished the warp on the little Leclerc this afternoon, so that means it will be getting another LONG warp, too.  Guess that's what we'll be doing next week.
  There were 10 green place mats and a set of 4 neutral mats.

  Marie finally got the chance to sit down and start threading the napkin warp on the Macomber.  Notice the bobbins in the back?  They work just like 2 inch sections on a sectional beam.

   There was also time for some weaving!  Andy got a chance to work on the towel warp, and Bonnie and Ms. Ila worked on their looms, too.

  Ms. Ila has ordered new tie ups for the Mighty Wolf.....for some reason, there were some short ones in the bunch, which were causing problems with her pattern!!!

  Our newer weavers are working away on their warps.  Sharon reported that the Harrisville loom she is borrowing is almost ready to go. 

As always, there's time to just catch up with your weaving friends!

  We also take the time to help a weaving friend work out a pattern for new projects.  You gotta love MATH!

   Or.....helping out Carl by cutting blue jean strips.  Thank you, Jocelyn and Carol.

COOKIES.....thank you, Sharon!  As Roz can testify, they were yummy!  (Ginger!)

OK....maybe you should look.  Another great day with the Tuesday Weavers!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

As always, a reading and picture treat on Weds morning! Oh how I love a good weaver's estate sale!

Tina J said...

The gingerbread cookies were great! I must confess that I came home with some nice knitting yarn and some rug hooking tools that we found late in the day!