Monday, April 6, 2015


After going out of my comfort zone the first part of the year, weaving things that I normally don't do, it's so nice to be back into the rhythm of weaving my regular yardage!
Knowing that I'm going down to the studio to weave a warp that, unless I have a broken thread to repair, is smooth going, is nice, comfortable and rhythmic.
Thinking of new combinations or ones that I haven't done in a long time is another question.
I haven't done this one before. It's a cranberry, navy and caribe combination. I like how it's turning out.
 The interplay of color is fun and, although you'd think it would be a wild combination, it's quite sedate and has a nice flow.
 I almost forgot to take the picture of this warp. It's navy, natural and cranberry. The white at the end is the toilet paper that I use to separate items as I weave them. This is the end of the warp. I wove to the very end again.
No excuses now. I've got handwovens ready to be cut, serged, sewn and handwork done on! The top warp is washed and ready to go. I'll finish the second serging on them before changing threads to navy for this one.
Today looks like a perfect day to weave. It's dull, dreary looking outside after a beautiful day yesterday. I think we're supposed to have a fair amount of hit or miss rain this week. I should get some weaving done!
As much as I enjoy a challenge, it's nice to get back to doing something you can get into the rhythm of and get some weaving done!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

Ah-ha! You're getting ready for your Fall shows! Lovely combinations!

Hilary said...

I love seeing what you are all doing. This is lovely. Do you make clothes exclusively, or weave other things?

Bonnie said...

Love those color combinations.