Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hit The Ground Running!

  Time management has never been my forte, so I have learned to keep a calendar and make lots of lists.  The napkin challenge is looming and I count 10 weeks until I need just ONE handwoven napkin for lunch.  With that in mind, I spent a couple of hours on Monday  reacquainting myself with my serger.  My plan is to do a warp of napkins (I have my pattern in mind already) and hem them with the serger.  Getting the edges just the way I want them is going to take some practice.

  Another deadline looming is the wedding of a precious friend at the end of May.  Since I wanted a neutral handwoven place mat, I pulled out the huck lace pattern from Handwoven.  This was adjusted for use with the thicker cotton from Bernat.
  And, if you're going to do a set of 4 for a gift, why not put on a longer warp for the Fall sales, right???  This warp is 13 yards.  I have 3 more inches to wind, and it will be ready to go to the loom.

   This is the reason all my plans came to a screeching halt! 
  This 35 pound container of kitty litter fell off the grocery cart yesterday.....on my toes!  Nothing broken....just bruised.  Thank heavens I had on my Keens and not my Birks! 
  A really nice young man insisted on carrying the bucket to my car, and kept asking if I was sure I was OK. 
  Yes, I'm OK.....just sore and not moving so fast anymore.

I guess I need to go sit on a porch and just weave on my Inkle loom.......
  Get ready,'re going to have company!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Oh Lou Ann, You can tell we hadn't read the post before you got her this am! I hope your toes are behaving themselves tonight!

Bonnie said...

Take care of that foot. Soaks in Epson salt will take out inflammation. It really works. I know.