Monday, December 3, 2012


Last Thursday Linda, Marie and I went on a roadtrip! We had a blast! We headed up to Tazewell, up near the north border of Tennessee. Our first stop was the Mountain Hollow Farm Store & Studio. The shop was nice. I don't knit and I'm not using wool in my weaving right now so I was relatively safe when it came to shopping. The shop is small but has a nice variety of things to choose from!! This shop is a destination shop. There's nothing nearby. It's down a long gravel road about an hour from Knoxville. It's the kind of place where you could pack a picnic lunch, come shop, eat, relax and see the animals they have on the farm.
There are the girls. They're separated from the boys by quite a space. The shop is between them.
 The girl in front just stood and watched us for the longest time!!
 There was one guy in there among them....
 The boys, in their pen, weren't interested in us at all!!
 From there we headed up into Virginia. Linda is a re enactor at the Martin Station Fort in Wilderness Rd State Park.  Our first sight of her permanent presence there was this picture that had been painted of her that hangs in the visitor center. Who'd have known that someone famous weaves with us each Tuesday ?!
 From the visitor center we headed back to the fort. This is her cabin where she lives one weekend a month. It's quite primitive but she loves being part of the group that keeps the history alive.
 We were there to pick up her bedding for the winter. She'll be back in spring with her bedding spruced up for the season!
From there we headed back to Tennessee, drove through Cumberland Gap and decided we were due a late lunch. Since we were so close anyway, we drove up into Kentucky and stopped for lunch in Middlesboro.....3 states in one day. Not bad!

I'm not sure where the time goes, but it's flew by this week with not much to show for it! This coming week will be the same with appointments and work keeping me from doing much weaving. Hopefully I'll find time to finish my warp anyway. The next few weeks will be hectic with no weaving time.
I do hope that you find time to do the things you enjoy!
Til next week.


Theresa said...

OHHHH, what a fun road trip. And 3 states no less!

LA said...

It was a beautiful day for a trip! I'm so glad you all had such a delightful day.

Linda said...

I had a good time. I am glad we were able to do this trip!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a fun day. Maybe next road trip I will be able to go. Make it someplace fun and interesting.