Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Controlled Chaos

Aw...you can say it with me:  "Bless her heart!" 
  It's a good thing Maggie isn't ready to start weaving that Lee's Surrender just yet.  I don't think that boot would work really well on the treadles!!!  Stress fracture....from standing too long!!!!  Who would have thought?

  And, a bunch of weavers all pitched in to help Maggie wind on her warp.  (That warp is 60 inches wide, you know!!!!)

  Maggie's fracture will have time to heal as she threads the warp and gets it tied onto the front bar.

  'Tis the season for sharing!

  There was a lot of sharing going on today!  Christy  assisted Carl as he cut the strips for his rug.  Carl had joined the blue jean legs at home, and he used the cutter at the Center to make the strips.  Then, they went right back to his loom and into a rug!

  You can just see him peeking through the loom as he was weaving away today.

  Look at who else was peeking today!!!!
  Yes....that's Lanny getting ready to thread a new warp on the Mighty Wolf.  His loom got pulled out of the aisle between the other looms and he got to work on that warp.

  Eiko looks on while Barbara gets advice from Carol on planning a new warp.  I think I heard them say this would be dish towels.  Now...where do you want those stripes????

  Then, after lunch, Eiko and Barbara got busy putting together one of the new Pups.

  Wonder who will jump on it first???

  Linda brought Max so that Tina could give him some special TLC.  Max does such a great job of protecting Linda's little herd, but he doesn't like to be groomed.  Besides weaving like an angel, Tina has a special way with animals!

  And while that was going on, Ms. Ila was weaving.  Teresa got weaving tips from Bonnie....and, Ann was humming her little tune while the warping mill went round and round!!!!!

  See what I mean?  Controlled chaos!!! 
Isn't this lovely?  It's a weavers' wonderland!

Happy Weaving!!!


Bonnie said...

So good to be back amoungest the world of weaving people and be part of all the chaos. Love it!

Linda said...

We are glad you are back! We missed you!

Tina J said...

The day flew by!