Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And, We're Off......

We hit the ground running this morning at the Center:
  Carl had sewn his strips together and he was set to get them cut for his rug warp.  Christy sat down to lend a helping hand.  Allan was ready to help out if needed.

  Barbara and Eiko got busy putting together the second Pup that we ordered.  Don't you just LOVE counting heddles????

  Linda was set to start weaving on the placemat warp that we started at Foodhills.  After a quick tutorial on weaving on the Pup, she got right to work.
  Ms. Ila got busy with her scarf warp.

  Marie is also working on a floor loom for the first time, and I think she likes it!!!   Just ask her where the brake pedal is, OK?

  Andy's smile is for the lace blocks that she is adding to her shawl warp.  There's nothing like having eight harnesses to work with!

  This picture is just for Ann's husband and daughter!  I got it right this time.  (I'm so bad at catching the weavers at the worse possible moment OR just getting them from behind!)

  Now....this is a great angle for Lanny.  He tries so hard NOT to be in pictures....but, this is a good action shot of the threading process.

  Roz got an early start today.  She's finishing up the mug rug warp left from the class this Fall.  She has had a lot of practice doing mug rugs lately since she's been weaving with a class of kids at a local school.

  Tina actually got time today to sit down and weave on the neutral warp of Ellen's placemats.

And, yes, Carl did get to weave on his rug warp today.
  Somehow I didn't get pictures of Pat, Bonnie or Linda.  But, they were part of the group at the Center, too.

  Happy Weavers!

And, Happy Weaving to you, too!!!


Tina J said...

You didn't mention it, but you and Pat did a great job finding a place for that second Wolf Pup, and just general straightening up! The room looks so much better! Thanks to you both!

Theresa said...

As always the amount of production and fun is overwhelming! Glad a good time (except for counting those heddles), was had by all and the blog readers too!

Anonymous said...

I love being able to keep up with so many of the people I know. Also, it's nice to see the numerous new weavers!! Weaving must be fun?!! LOL
Happy Holidays to all
Joyce S.

Maggie said...

Pat cleaning up? Hmmm, that almost never happens! (sarcasm)