Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just a bit early!

I know, I write on Mondays. However, tomorrow morning I'm heading out early and won't be back until late Dec 18, so I thought I'd get a jump on my to do list for the rest of the day and write the blog now!!
I got the rug warp done!! I'm really glad because I've got an order that has to go on first thing Dec 19 when I get back! Well, that's when it's supposed to go on. It'll depend on how tired I am from all the traveling on Tuesday!!
I am rather pleased with the rugs that were the last of the black warp. I bought and inherited a fair amount of selvages so getting some of them woven was a real plus!
In keeping with the black warp, what's better than a black, red and white rug?
 Notice the fringe? I'm not a fringey person. However, I was so excited about starting to weave these rugs that I forgot to weave the heading for the rug. I wasn't about to take apart half a rug, so, plan B, a fringe. Don't expect to see many more of these on rugs, though!!
 I had just a bit of the red left after I finished that first rug, and some black. I kind of like this single red stripe near the edge of the rug!
 Sometimes doing something asymmetrical is kind of fun!!
 There was a bunch of grey that had a hint of beige to it so that was the main color of the third rug.
 Only question I have is, do the sides look too weird with the fringes from the selvages showing? I don't know of a way to make sure they all get into the rug. Besides, they give the rug a bit of an interesting side look!
  Nothing better than a hint of teal in a pile of selvages. I like the combination with the other colors.
 This one was a bit longer since I was weaving to the end of the warp.
Most of the rugs were close to 50 inches long and the width is close to 30.
So the warp is done and the rugs finished! In a way, I hate to leave now. I'm all psyched, ready to put the order warp on. It's going to be black, blue gray and cranberry. The order is for a jacket but I'll do several other pieces on there as well.

However, I need to pack the rest of my bags.
The weather here in Knoxville is awesome, cool, sweater weather, almost shirt sleeve weather. I know it's going to cool off in a day or two but still, lovely weather. So why am I getting on a plane to fly to Regina, Saskatchewan tomorrow? It's heading into winter! The high tomorrow up there is maybe 24 degrees F. That, for East Tennesseeans is "bitterly cold"! I think on Wednesday the high is supposed to be 1 F!!!! I'm not used to that anymore. Oh yeah, supposed to snow a few days too. It says flurries but do I believe it?!!
I'm heading there for my niece's wedding on Saturday. I know my sister has a pile of stuff that needs to be done yet and I'm going to go help her, as needed, to be sure this wedding goes off without much of a hitch!! I'll have my camera and take some pictures.
I'm not taking a laptop with me this time but my niece has one and I hope to write next Monday as scheduled. If I can't figure out how to get on this site (since it's going to be a new computer and sometimes that's a problem for blogger), I'll just email LouAnn and she'll copy and paste whatever I write to the page. Otherwise, I know I'll have lots to write about the following Monday!
Until next week.
Stay warm and dry!!! and weave some for me!


LA said...

The rugs are lovely!!! You did a great job with that selvedge material. And, you know I'll be glad to paste your post next Monday if you need me! Enjoy your time with your family!

Theresa said...

Lovely rugs, they look soft and cushy for sure! You know, you could take that fringed rug and bind the edges with a heavy fabric. When it wears it is easy enough to replace too.

Bonnie said...

Have a great trip. The rugs look great. Theresa has a good idea about using the fabric.

Anonymous said...

Love the black and white rugs! Miss everyone but have enjoyed my road trips with my little sister ...found the most precious little loom on one of my stops. It was just sitting in a corner of a shop calling me to rescue it and give it a home, so I did.
:) Sharen