Friday, December 28, 2012

A Lull in the Action!

Yesterday, I had a few hours by myself at home.  It has been a very busy time of family, food and fun, so I was pleased with this lull in the action.  It was caused by everyone else having something to do and me not having a set of wheels!

I knocked around the house for a few minutes in my PJ's, not exactly sure what I wanted to do. I looked at my Email and the blogs that I like to read.  I drank an extra cup of coffee, mulling it over.   I couldn't get into the Studio because it is jam packed with all the  fiber supplies from the guest room, that had to be cleared out due to guest allergies.  They were not leaving until the next day!  I couldn't spin and I couldn't get to my yarn stash to plan my next knitting project, that stash is all the way in the back half of the Studio!

Then I remembered that I had a project on the little loom on the landing.  It is the Alpaca/Shetland wool Shawl that I put on there a couple of weeks ago.  I had already decided that I was going to use the black Shetland as weft and I had sampled a little bit.  I also had a ski shuttle loaded with yarn already!  I carefully did the unweaving, then wove a couple of picks, leaving enough weft at the beginning to do the hem stitching.  Once the hem stitching was done, I continued and actually got a foot or 2 done before I had to stop for the day.

It is really interesting to use such a different fiber,  I must be careful to weave in such a way as to develop an even loose weave, that I will full lightly once I get the fringe twisted.  I am pleased to finally be using this yarn, and to be trying something new!

I hope to get this shawl woven in a timely manner, I am not always quick on these non production pieces.  However, I just never know when I might find a new product to add to my line!

Now, back to the party!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

I love the idea of a wool shawl. That would have come in very handy those mornings at the Museum of Appalachia! Or, you can use it yourself when the house is just a wee bit chilly!!!!